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The triangle is the symbol which was born with humankind and symbolizes gender, creativity, harmony, parts, light, union and subjectivity. But its meaning changes if you turn it upwards. This geometrical symbol represents the Man, unlike the downwards triangle which, since the Paleolithic, represents the womb of the regenerative Great Goddess.


Through an in-depth study of symbolism, Lorenzo Zani created the new downwards “V” shape. With this stylistic transformation in tailoring world, the man takes the male territory back, giving it a defined and leading identity.


Necktie development across time

The most ancient version of neckties was found in the mausoleum of the first Chinese emperor, Shih Huang Ti, who was buried in 210 BC. But the success of this accessory starts in 1600. The first to use it were the Croatian soldiers during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). In 1650, at the court of King Louis XIV, men started to flaunt it with rivalry and elegance. Since then the trend started to spread and passed through centuries and continents, taking new shapes.

210 A.C.210 A.C.

But only since 1926, thanks to Jesse Langsdorf, a New York tie maker, the necktie took the triangle shape, now outdated. The history behind each object is essential to understand completely its meaning. In 2015, Lorenzo Zani’s tailoring revolution hides a secret: your necktie has always had a female symbolic meaning.

Handmade, it’s a matter of principle

The brand boasts a completely handmade production, whose procedures follow Made in Italy tradition. The neckties shapes are really unique in the world and are handcrafted using precious fabrics by expert artisans. They are unique in the shape and Italian processing, with environment friendly materials and colours. It’s a pride for the brand and for the Italian fashion sector. The back of the neckties are all finished with silk, the same fabric used to make the necktie itself. This peculiarity makes it more precious and adds it value by giving it a touch of exclusivity when compared with industrial products, whose back is made with viscose. Our collection can satisfy the most varied requirements. Beside the traditional collection, we can make customized neckties for any working environment. (video)
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About us

Lorenzo Zani
Tailoring brand Lorenzo Zani was born in 2013 from a bizarre idea of Mr. Lorenzo Zani. The concept of his revolutionary shape sprout while he was watching the movie “The Da Vinci Code”. During one of the most significant scenes, Lorenzo Zani discovered that in the “Cenacolo” painting there were some hidden symbols. What stroke him more concerns the free “V”-shaped spaces between Mary Magdalene and Jesus. This “V” represents the woman in Christian symbolism. Stroke by this hidden symbol, Zani immediately connected it with one of the male symbol objects, the necktie. In fact, the current and traditional shape of neckties end is a downwards triangle, that’s to say: it contains a female symbol. Zani asked himself why a typical male object expresses a female symbol? After some researches he discovered that nobody over centuries had never noticed such a significant detail. Then, he started to draw new neckties’ shapes which symbolizes male sex, the man, later certified by WIPO at n.79.837. Another element that strengthened Zani’s commitment was the coincidence of his birthday with the World’s Necktie Day: 18th October.



Quante volte ti è capitato di dire "che cosa mi metto?”. L'invito a un matrimonio bisogna affrontarlo con grande serietà. Non far brutta figura, scopri cosa tenere sempre in considerazione.


Un pranzo di lavoro può essere organizzato per diverse ragioni: per la stipula di un contratto, per festeggiare un traguardo aziendale, per far colpo su uno specifico cliente oppure per un normalissimo accordo con un fornitore.


La cravatta  rappresenta il simbolo dell’eleganza maschile. Un must irrinunciabile per ogni gentleman che riporta ad un’immagine classica di una volta.

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